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QDR 2001 Strategy-driven choices for america´s security / - Washington National Defense University Press 2001 - xv, 387 páginas.

1. The Future Security Environment, 2001-2025: Toward a Consensus View 2. The Rise of Asymmetric Threats: Priorities for Defense Planning 3. The Defense Budget: Meeting Growing Requirements with Constrained Resources 4. Defense Strategy Alternatives: Choosing Where to Place Emphasis and Where to Accept Risk 5. Sizing Conventional Forces: Criteria and Methodology 6. Assessing Risk: Enabling Sound Defense Decisions 7. The Future of U.S. Overseas Presence 8. Peacetime Operations: Reducing Friction 9. Strategic Nuclear Forces and National Missile Defense: Toward and Integrated Framework 10. Choosing among Strategy-Driven Integrated Paths: Setting the DOD Course 11. Elements of Success for the QDR


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