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A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy: National Government Interventions in a Global Arena - USA Edward Elgar 2005 - 734 p : il.

1. Globalization and National Environmental Policy. An Overview 2. Trade and Investment: Selected Links to Domestic Environmental Policy 3. Globalization and National Incentives for Protecting Environmental Goods: Types of Goods, Trade Effects, and International Collective Action Problems 4. Financing Global Public Goods: Responding to Global Environmental Challenges 5. National Environmental Policies And Multilateral Trade Rules 6. Towards and Effective Eco- Innovation Policy in a Globalised Setting 7. Collaboration of National Governments and Global Corporations in Environmental Management 8. Globalization and the Role of Citizen-Consumers in Environmental Politics 9. Environmental Federalism in the European Union and The United States 10. Globalization and Policies/Politics towards Sustainable Development and Developing Countries 11. Drivers of Business Behaviour in the Realm of Sustainable Development: The Role and Influence of the WBCSD, a Global Business Network 12. Globalization, Public Utility Suppliers, and the Environmental Agenda 13. Unilever and Sustainable Development 14. Globalization and National Environmental Policy: The Influences of WWF, an International Non-Governmental Organization 15. The Impact of European Non-Governmental Organization on EU Environmental Regulation 16. National Room to Manoeuvre: The Dutch Position in EU Energy Policies 17. Strategies to Prevent Illegal Logging 18. Globalization and Crop-Protection Policy 19. Free Trade in Agricultural Products and the Environment 20. Different Countries, Different Strategies: "Green" Member States Influencing EU Climate Policy 21. The Dispersion of Authority in the European Union and its Impact on Environmental Legislation 22. Mutual Recognition in the Testing of Chemicals through the OECD 23. Architecture of the Kyoto Protocol and Prospects for Public Climate Policy 24. Globalization and Environmental perspective 25. Governments and Policy Networks: Chances, Risks, and a Missing Strategy 26. Globalization and Environmental Policy Design 27. Effective Environmental Strategies for Small Countries in an Interconnected, Global Setting


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