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Climate-change policy - USA: Oxford, 2005. - 399 páginas

1. Climate- change Policy: A Survey 2. Science Informing Policy on Climate Change 3. Uncertainty and Climate-change Policy 4. Integrated Assessment Models 5. The Social Cost of Carbon 6. The Social Costs of Greenhouse Gases: Their Values and Policy Implications 7. The Marginal Damage Costs of Carbon-dioxide Emissions 8. The Tradable-permits Approach to Protecting the Commons: Lessons for Climate Change 9. Carbon Trading in the Policy Mix 10. Fiscal Interactions and the Case for Carbon Taxes over Grandfathered carbon permits 11. Tradable Permits for Climate change: Implications for Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement 12. The Kyoto Protocol: Success or failure? 13. Kyoto Plus 14. Credible Carbon taxes 15. Climate Change and Energy Policy


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